Oct. 28th, 2010 08:21 pm
Well we ran into a little trouble yesterday with the Dreamhack, so we had to rebuild it from scratch. No worries though as it was a relatively easy process. We now need to move on to finding a large bug to work on and fix.
We are still forging ahead with working on bugs. We are currently working on a calendar bug that was originally rejected because we didn't do it right. Hopefully we can resolve this and get down to business! (to defeat the Huns of course)
So it's been a few weeks since we set up our initial DW account and we are just getting our DW development environments set up AKA Dream Hacks! It has been interesting to go through so much code as most projects I've worked on have been a lot smaller. We are also looking at some small bugs to get our feet wet with Perl and using the Dream Hack.
More posts to come!



Sep. 20th, 2010 09:51 pm
Welcome to our brand new Dreamwidth blog. We are a group of students from Worcester State College University involved in a class we are studying open source rpojects. So far we have done the following,

  • Chosen an open source project to work on

  • Used Piratepad as a discussion platform for our weekly meetings

  • Set up a Google account for easy sharing of documents and a shared calendar

  • Set up a blog on Dreamwidth, the project we will be working on

  • Divided our responsibilities into group roles that will rotate every week

Also on our radar is working on acquiring development environments for each member so that it will be easy for us to work individually. We are also considering sharing one environment if it is easy enough.
In terms of group roles, each week there will be assigned 1 Project Manager, 1 Documentation role, and 2 Developers. The benefits of this include a shared workload, and the ability to keep things fresh.
So far we have been laying the groundwork on our approach to this project, as well as getting familiar with Dreamwidth. We are all looking forward to a productive and educational semester!

-Team Destroyer



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